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Desiccant Air Dryer Range (BD 110+ - 300+ Range)

Premium performance & cost-efficiency:

Looking for the desiccant dryer with the lowest operating costs? The BD+ Zero Purge is your best choice. With zero purge losses and minimal electricity use, the BD+ ZP offers the highest energy savings.


-High adsorption silica gel desiccant needs less reactivation energy than other drying agents.

-Pressure dewpoint of -40 °C/-40 °F as standard (-70 °C/-100 °F optional).

-Up to 30% extra desiccant to deliver consistent performance..

-The dryer will only switch to the next tower when the desiccant is saturated, as measured by the dewpoint sensor. During this cycle time extension, the dryer consumes no purge air, resulting in a significant reduction in energy use.

Refrigerated Air Dryer

Atlas Copco’s Refrigerated Air Dryers are a Simple Solution for a Costly Problem.

FX Series:
The FX comes in a wide range of sizes (7-1236 l/s or 14-2516 cfm) to offer a steady pressure dew point as low as +3 °C/+37.4 °F. Its easy to use digital display precision-measures and monitors the pressure dew point and dryer performance.


-Pressure dew point: exact measurement and visual monitoring.

-Status: refrigerant compressor and fan.

-Alarms: high/low-pressure dew point and probe failure.

-Service warning.

Membrane Air Dryer Range

Atlas Copco’s unique SD dryer range ensures the lowest pressure drop and the lowest purge air use – providing real energy savings without compromise in production reliability and efficiency.

The Atlas Copco SD dryer range includes the P and N model range, each offering 7 different size dryers.

P range:
Ensures a suppression of 32ºC (55ºF), giving at the reference conditions an outlet air dew point of 3ºC (40ºF), similar to a well-designed refrigerant-type air dryer.

N range:
Lowers the inlet dew point with 55ºC (100ºF), giving a pressure dew point of -20ºC (-5ºF) at the reference conditions.

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